Dear Readers,

This is the ninth year of the magazine, and, as far as I know, we’re still the only international magazine of decenterd English writing. It’s no longer just Conrad and Nabokov. The books of more and more second-language-English authors are appearing on our bookshelves and laptops every year. I’m proud that we’ve been able to celebrate some of these authors and poets.     

In this issue, you'll find work by writers origninally from Denmark, Poland, Greece, Lebanon, and of course Sweden, as well as writing by expatriate writers from the UK and US.   

You’ll find short stories that delve into a variety of themes and settings. There’s a sumo wrestler in a Brooklyn hospital; an aged woman returning to Finland for the first time since being adopted away during the Second World War; and three darling “New Swedish” girl scouts confronting everyday racism. You’ll find literary nonfiction essays that bravely confront experiences of death. And you’ll find poetry, both free verse and formal, that engages with aesthetics, history, and love gone awry. 

Our Conrad-Nabokov award will be given out next year, in 2018 -- which will be the tenth anniversary of the magazine! 

If you're a decentered writer, yourself, I hope you'll send in some of your own work in the future. (Please see our Submission Guidelines here.) And if you'd like to be part of our international online community, please feel free to join the open Facebook group, Creative Writing Malmö. There, you'll be able to communicate with Shipwrights authors, both current and former, and also with the rank and file of our expanding writing community. 

Thank you to my assistant editor Melisa Vázquez, who somehow always finds time for Shipwrights. And thanks to the students in the creative writing classes at Malmö University, who help to select the pieces you see here. 

And thank you for reading!

Darius Degher