By Birgitte Brøndum

Explaining reality

can be done

only by defining

the shape of purple:


First you'll have to

get down on all fours

and pick up all

the dusty common lilac

a.k.a. Syringa vulgaris

petals, that your dry

wedding bouquet discarded

while hanging on the wall.


Then you'll need to find all

existing photos of yourself

wearing any shade of purple

(bruises count).


After this

walk through the main street

of any city

and take note that all

purple things

trace their shapes

in your mind

and if you get the chance

run your fingers over them.


Later, sit down and

sift through all your memories

to recall

every purple surface

present at each important moment.


Finally, scatter all

the purple you have found

on a glass table.

Then get under the table

and look up at the purple

from below

to see its shape.