To Taste the Colors of Used Days

By Birgitte Brøndum


If you eliminate all the blank space

from moments remembered,

you'll be able

to taste the color

of each feeling

of each day.


Yellow is hard

although we can all agree

that it's strongly represented

in moments of ambivalence

and in our collective consumer experience:

its taste is contained

in the hive mind deprivation tank

and cannot be explained

unless we all shout

with one voice.


Several instances of eye contact

with the same stranger

on the same day

have a deep red color

tasting like the short-lived

sweetness of one single

exploding pomegranate kernel,

but only for one of you.


Someone once told me that

the soul resides

somewhere in the abdomen.

I don't recall which side of the bed

my body was on when he pointed

to its exact position,

but the moment had a clear blue color

and a taste of biting

into a brand new rope.