Yuan Fen

By Robert Johansson


"In Mandarin, it's yuan fenIt's hard to translate," she said.

"The idea that sometimes people meet because of fate," she said.


"In Queensland, there's a waterfall they call the Devil's Pool.

They say it's cursed. I felt it pulling my whole weight," he said.


"Nature never really used to comfort me. As a child,

my greatest fears were anthills and birds of prey," she said.


"I want to live and believe like you—in love, color, and

awe—breathing pure, non-cynical naivety," he said.


"In May, I'm moving out. I'm going to Jordan for work.

This is what I have to do. You know I cannot stay," she said.


"I'm tired of struggling for nothing. I wish for a fire—

a clean slate, or just something to die for today," he said.


"In Annie Hall, a camera pans past people at a party.

They should do that scene with us in this airport café," she said.


"In my recurring dream, there's this Soviet railway station,

and it's real, I know. Maybe we'll make it there one day," he said.